Science and the After Life Experience


“Chris Carter's Science and the Afterlife is a vigorous, detailed exploration of survival following physical death.  It is a withering rebuttal of the perennial, timeworn, anemic arguments of skeptics. This book is extraordinarily important -“ for, as Jung said, The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not? That is the telling question of his life. This brilliant book is an antidote to the fear of death and annihilation. It will help any reader find greater meaning, hope, and fulfillment in life.”

Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author of The Power of Premonitions and Reinventing Medicine

'Survival of human consciousness past the point of biological death is a fact.' That will seem an extraordinary claim to some, and they may reasonably demand extraordinary evidence to support it. Carter has both made the claim and provided the evidence. He has also convincingly demolished attempts to explain it away with unsupported dogmas such as super-ESP. Fundamentalist materialists should take note and avoid this book like the plague. It could make the foundations of their faith crumble and bring the whole condemned structure crashing down on their heads.”


Guy Lyon Playfair,
Author of This House is Haunted, If This Be Magic, and Twin Telepathy

“The third volume of Chris Carter's trilogy may be the best. Reincarnation, apparitions, and messages from the dead make for some very stimulating reading. As an historical chronicle alone this would be a valuable work. But Carter's historical treatment also combines philosophy and analysis into an always interesting and well-organized treatise.”

Robert Bobrow, M.D.
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Department of Family Medicine
Stony Brook University
Author of The Witch in the Waiting Room

"Although the fundamentalists of both science and religion reject or resist it, the evidence that consciousness survives bodily death is overwhelming for those with open minds. In an earlier book, Chris Carter presented some of the best evidence offered by the near-death experience. In this book, he astutely examines impressive and irrefutable evidence coming to us from the study of reincarnation, apparitions, and mediumship. He explains why fraud and super-ESP are not viable explanations and even goes beyond the evidence to look at some messages from the dead as to the nature of the afterlife experience. It's informative, interesting, intriguing, and inspirational."


Michael Tymn
Author of The Afterlife Revealed and The Afterlife Explorers
Vice-President, The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
    “The evidence in favour of an afterlife is vast and varied. The evidence from near-death experiences and deathbed visions was described in two previous books by Chris Carter. Science and the Afterlife is the final work of his trilogy, and one will see in this wonderful book that we do indeed have strongly repeatable evidence for the continuity of consciousness after physical death, based on children who remember previous lives, reports of apparitions, and communication from the deceased. What all these cases show is that human personality survives death and, by implication, human consciousness can exist independently of a functioning brain. When one has read the overwhelming evidence as described in this excellent book it seems quite impossible not to be convinced that there should be some form of life after death. Any continuing opposition to the evidence is based on nothing more than wilful ignorance or ideology. Highly recommended.”
Pim van Lommel, MD, Cardiologist
Author of Conciousness beyond Life
    “Since the time of William James, scientists and philosophers who have seriously studied the phenomenology of mediumship have concluded that there are only two hypotheses that, if true, would account for all the observed empirical data: either (i) human consciousness survives the death of its body or (ii) human consciousness possesses extraordinary abilities known as super-ESP. This impasse has stymied research for decades. In Science and the Afterlife Experience, Chris Carter presents the data supporting survival with remarkable clarity, and, also with remarkable clarity, shows that the so-called super-ESP€¯ hypothesis is unfalsifiable pseudo-science, that it is not and cannot be worthy of serious scientific consideration, and that its purpose is not to advance knowledge but rather to block an otherwise straight-forward inference from empirical data to the hypothesis of survival. With the super-ESP hypothesis disposed of, Carter boldly (and correctly, in my opinion) concludes that the survival of consciousness after the death of the body is a scientific fact, as well established as any other scientific fact. Neal Grossman, PhD; Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, university of Illinois at Chicago Chris Carter has produced a compelling synthesis and brilliant analysis of some the best evidence for life beyond physical death. This book should be required reading for believers and skeptics alike. Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Medicine, The University of Arizona. Author of The Afterlife Experiments and The Sacred Promise. A thorough assessment of the scientific evidence for survival of death, and a forceful critique of the naysayers. Erlendur Haraldsson, Author of The Departed Among the Living. Addiction to the materialistic paradigm has wreaked immense havoc upon the world over the last few centuries. Many believe it has brought us to the brink of an apocalypse. Chris Carter opens this marvelous book with a statement of concurrence with philosopher David Griffen on the current dire predicament wrought by this addiction, and how it has reached a crucial juncture. Coming to know that our souls do not die with our bodies, but have a much grander role on the stage of eternity, offers a glorious reprieve from this ignominious fate that is the inevitable result of limited materialistic beliefs. This book proceeds through a detailed review of reincarnation, apparitions and messages from the dead. In my opinion, he establishes the existence of the afterlife beyond a reasonable doubt. I congratulate him on such a solid synthesis of the relevant data and arguments, both for and against.”
Eben Alexander III, MD
Author of Neurosurgeon, Near-Death Experiencer
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